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Pallet Turner

104L, 104L17, 104 LVA & PT1800-15 Wide

SAMZON Pile-Turner is a stationary machine used for changing the pallet under a product. This model is often used in the paper-industry.

Minimise manual work with the SAMZON Pile-Turner

Samzon Pile-turner 104L is a stationary machine used for changing the pallet under a product. This model is often used in the paper-industry.

A major advantage with this machine is that the platforms can close-down to 320mm, which means the Samzon Pile-turner can handle very low products.

The Samzon Pallet turner closes around the product with platforms, tilts back by 90 degrees, the tower is released and is rotated manually 180 degrees and once again locked. The bottom platform is then lowered back down, the platforms open, and the products has been placed on a new pallet.

The pallet is fed into the machine using a pallet truck or pallet jack.

The pallet turner can be delivered with a variety of extra equipment and surface treatments.

The pallet turner can be delivered with various additional equipment and surface treatment

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Pile-Turner 104L
• Pallet High 1300 mm
• Capacity 1000 Kg.
Pile-Turner 104-LVA
• Pallet High 1300 mm
• Capacity 1000 Kg.
Pile-Turner 104L-17
• Pallet High 1700 mm
• Capacity 1000 Kg.
Pile-Turner 1800-15 Wide
• Pallet High 1800 mm
• Capacity 2000 Kg.

Fewer heavy lifts when switching pallets with the SAMZON Pallet turner

The pallet and pile-turner machine is primarily used to switch out damaged products at the bottom of a pallet or to remove spacers from between the products.

By using the pile-turner machine it is possible to tip the products over onto a new pallet or switch out damaged products without having to move all the products manually from one pallet to another.

The necessity to handle heavy products is removed to reduce the amount of work-related injuries and daily wear on coworkers and thereby improve your company HSE. 

Pallet Turner; the less costly alternative to the pallet-changer

This machine can also be used for daily replacements of old pallets. However, the new pallet has to be placed manually on top of the products by the operator.

The Pile-Turner is usually smaller in size, compared to the pallet changer, it is less costly and comes with a relatively fast delivery time.

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Pallet changer or Pile-Turner, what should I choose?


The SAMZON Pile-Turner machine works by moving the pallet back in horisontal and rotating the original pallet 180-degrees, thereby turning the product on its head. Then, the pallet is manually removed from the machine and replaced with a new pallet.

The pile-turner takes slightly longer time to complete a pallet exchange cycle, when compared to the pallet changer, and does require that the product can sustain being turned around.

However, one of the advantage with the pile-turner is that it can be stopped at 90-degrees, allowing the platforms to separate ever so slightly. You can now remove cardboard, paper, or freezer spacers that may be lying in between the products.

The machine comes with both manual control or automatic cycle, and will be able to change up to 30 pallers per hour.

Pallet changer

The advantage of using a pallet changer is that you avoid all manual handling of products and pallets when performing a pallet change. 

A pallet changer is easy and flexible to use

This machine can change approximately 30 pallets an hour and can handle a large variety of products.

The pallet changer can work with manual stage control using buttons, automatic cycles, automatic pallet placement, and an in-line fully automatic assembly line part including a pallet magazine that allows for automatic pallet management.

The in-line solution offers a large amount of tailored, customer-specific solutions to meet your exact needs.

Extra equipment for the SAMZON Pile-Turner

There are lots of options for additional equipment when you order a pile-turner. See below for a selection of our most popular extra equipment including a description of each option.

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