Benefits of SAMZON Leasing

Samzon Leasing offers a wide range of benefits and is a really good alternative to other forms of financing such as loan financing and equity.

A Leasing Agreement with SAMZON gives you:

  • Up to 100% financing.
  • Release of working capital that can be used for other purposes.
  • Does not bind the company’s other collateral because we own the equipment.
  • Simple budgeting and accounting, this lease payment is expensed in full.
  • Better liquidity. The lease payments are distributed over the time the equipment is used and generate entry.
  • Financial spread.
  • Write-down of the equipment in step with the depreciation of the equipment.
  • Flexible. The lease payments can be adjusted to the income, e.g. by seasonal fluctuations.
  • Allows regular replacement of outdated or worn machine to new updated version.
  • Better ratios in the balance sheet after the leasing equipment are not normally capitalized in the accounts.
  • Full right of use of machine. It is the right of use and not the right of ownership that forms the basis for income and profits.

Your company disposes of the machine in return for paying the lease payment over an agreed period of time. The leasing period for equipment is typically 3 to 7 years, depending on the type of equipment and what you as a customer want, as long as it is in relation to the expected economic life.

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