The Mobile Pallet Turner

SAMZON MPT and MPS model

For a number of years SAMZON has developed Mobile Pallet Inverter solutions. The Mobile Pallet Inverter is a machine used when replacing pallets under product, and this model is often used in the paper industry.

Technology and simplicity combined in Mobile Pallet Inverter Series MPT and MPS

MPT Mobile Pallet Turner is equipped with the latest generation of mechanical and electronic components. Traction is equipped with a 2kw electric motor, and the oleo-dynamic setup is controlled by a 3kw motor with a built-in pump.

MPS Mobile Pallet Splitter is equipped with the latest electronic and mechanical components. The drive has a 2000w electric motor and the oleo-dynamic group has a 3000w motor with an incorporated pump to achieve fast operating times. In addition, the forks are controlled by a power valve that allows the operator to handle the movements of the forks via switches on the control panel

Samzon MPT1700-10
• Capacity 1000 Kg • Forks opening min/max 600/1600 mm
• Forks length 1200 mm
• Forks external 560 mm • Single fork width 180 mm
• Capacity upto 1500 Kg. • Clamp opening 400mm /1300mm.
• Clamp size 800mm x 1300mm.
• Inside measure legs 1300mm. • Lifting height over floor 2300mm.
• Capacity 1500 Kg • Forks opening min/max 600/2000 mm
• Forks length 1200 mm
• Forks external 520 mm • Single fork width 180 mm

Avoid heavy lifting with a Mobile Pallet Turner

The Mobile Pallet Inverter is selected when you want the operator to handle the pallets manually. Pallets are replaced at floor level with pallet lifts, electric stacks or trucks.

Handling of heavy pallets disappears and thereby reduces the number of occupational injuries, and the company gets happier and more satisfied employees.

Extra equipment for the SAMZON Mobile Pallet Turner

There are lots of options for additional equipment when you order a pile-turner. See below for a selection of our most popular extra equipment including a description of each option.

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