The Pallet Magazin


SAMZON  pallet magazine is a stationary machine used to stack and de-stack pallets for handling and managing pallets.

Remove the need for manual pallet handling with a SAMZON Pallet Magazine

The pallets are fed into the pallet magazine with a pallet truck or forklift.

With in-line pallet magazines, stacking and de-stacking of pallets is done automatically. These in-line pallet magazines are typically integrated into a fully automatic production or packing line, which excludes all need for manual handling of the pallet.

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Pallet Magazine SD800S
• Capacity 15-20 paller
• Max high 2870 mm
• Max length 1650 mm
• Weight op til 2400 kg.
• Cycle time approx. 60 sec.

SAMZON Pallet Magazine automatically stacks your pallets

A pallet magazine stacks and de-stacks empty pallets automatically. The operator inserts or removes pallets using a pallet truck or forklift, as the handling of the empty pallets takes place at floor-level.

How the SAMZON Pallet Magazine works:

The pallet magazine sees the pallets via sensors and then automatically stacks or de-stacks the pallets one-by-one.

  • When choosing to de-stack, the stack of pallets, max. 15 or 20 pallets depending on requirements, is placed into the pallet magazine. The machine will then automatically de-stack them singularly.
  • Choosing stacking, the pallets are received one-by-one and automatically stacked to a max. of 15 or 20 pallets. The entire stack can then be removed from the machine.

The pallet magazine is only operated manually by using a panel to switch between stacking or de-stacking.

It is your choice, whether you would like a stand-alone pallet magazine, or one that works in-line. You can also choose which size pallets you would like the machine to be able to handle.

Pallemagasin med stablede paller

Extra equipment for the SAMZON Pallet Magazine

There are options for additional equipment when you order a pallet magazine. See below for a selection of our most popular extra equipment including a description of each option.

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